Debt collections on autopilot

Moonflow is a collections software designed for businesses. Optimize your processes and reduce costs by up to 80% with our automated collections management system.

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Teams across the world trust us.

A comprehensive collections management system

We developed Moonflow to be the leading collections platform. Discover all its advantages and choose the best collections management software for your company!

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Manage everything in one place and reduce costs by up to 80%

Moonflow simplifies collections management by automating communications with your customers. Design collection strategies and send automated payment reminders through pre-integrated channels (WhatsApp, calls, email, and SMS)


Collect easily and quickly

Create your own payment website and make the invoice payment process easier for your customers with pre-integrated payment processors.



Free your team from repetitive tasks

Allow your team to focus on strategic activities by putting accounts receivable on autopilot with just a few clicks.


More information, better decisions

With our platform you can easily generate reports, obtaining important data to make informed decisions.

3. Strategies

Our solutions

With Moonflow, you can improve collection results for any company. Optimize your company's collections management with Moonflow, regardless of country, language, or currency.


Consumer Collections

For financial services companies, Moonflow offers comprehensive solutions that simplify B2C collections operations and reduce costs.


Commercial Collections

For companies looking to minimize B2B collections and communicate timely with their corporate clients to increase collection and average collection period.

Benefits of using a collections software

Moonflow is the perfect platform to leave behind repetitive processes and step into the digital era of collections.

4. Integrations



Bring all your accounts receivable management to one place. We've already made all the integrations you need.



Innovation in collections processes

With our collections software, you can enhance your collections methods by having the flexibility to create strategies easily and effectively.

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Better results

By automating collection tasks, your team can focus on more important activities, thereby achieving superior results, better portfolio indicators, and higher recovery rates.

"Moonflow is a virtual collector that handles the collections work automatically. We implemented it in just 2 weeks."

Juan Carlos Flores

CEO, Domein

Moonflow is built for all industries


Financial Services






Clubs and Recreation






Goods and Services


Professional Services


Real Estate

"Moonflow es un cobrador virtual que hace gran parte del trabajo de cobranzas en automático. Lo implementamos en solo 2 semanas."




Juan Carlos Flores

CEO, Domein

"Moonflow es un cobrador virtual que hace gran parte del trabajo de cobranzas en automático. Lo implementamos en solo 2 semanas."

Juan Carlos Flores

CEO, Domein

Improve your collections management

Moonflow is the most advanced collections software in the market. Reduce operation costs and enhance your portfolio indicators.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moonflow?

Moonflow is a cloud-based collections software, specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses that don't have access to such integrated solutions (which are typically expensive, difficult to implement, and maintain).

What is collections software and how can it help my business?

Most of the companies we talk to have already developed something that allows them to collect, from spreadsheets to "mini-systems" and connections to messaging services.

The problem is that none of these solutions really perform well. The costs of these "solutions" are high (in man/hours) and the recovery rates are much lower than they could achieve.

We develop +1,000 man/hours of features and optimizations for Moonflow every month. The gap between your current solution and Moonflow only gets bigger every day.

How does a collections system work and what are its functionalities?

Through Moonflow, your collections are on autopilot (literally).

Moonflow allows you to: segment your portfolio, create personalized communications, schedule sending flows, design special campaigns, create payment websites, make calls, automatically optimize flows, and much more.

All communication channels are already pre-integrated!

Can I add functionalities to Moonflow?

This is our favorite part. We build Moonflow with each of you. Our customers define the solution, and we develop it in a way that adds value to the entire platform.

Let's talk and build together the best collections software.

Why use Moonflow, a reliable collections software?

We recommend to manage 25-50% of your portfolio (randomly selected) through Moonflow. Then, compare the management effort and results of both portfolios over 2-3 months and make your decision with more information.

Clients who have implemented Moonflow have experienced an 80% reduction in the operational burden of their collections management and a 10% increase in the effectiveness of their collections.

How do I contract Moonflow for my business?

There's no fine print, it's that easy:

Moonflow is contracted through our website, using a credit card. Our subscriptions start at $149. We have projects with 350 clients and others with over 100,000. You pay for what you use, and cancel whenever you want (no need to explain why, but if you do, it helps us!). There's no implementation cost (we still offer you unlimited assistance), and no minimum stay period. Finally, schedule a call with one of our collections experts once you are ready!

Start collecting more now

Our team of experts will help you understand the costs and opportunities of your current collections process without any commitment or cost to your company.

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