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Collections management software for goods and services companies

Customer relationships are key to the success of goods and services companies. This includes proper collections management. Start doing it now with Moonflow.

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Teams around the world trust us.

3. Strategies

Understand your clients, segment them better, and collect more

With Moonflow, you can better understand your clients, tailor communications and efforts according to associated risk, and provide them with the best payment experience to build lasting relationships.


Focus on selling and not on the operational burden of collecting

Increase your company's cash flow management through updated collection indicators and metrics. Direct your efforts towards increasing income by improving collection effectiveness.

5. Communications
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Collect easily and quickly

Deliver an exceptional payment experience through a customized collections portal for your goods and services company. Integrate various payment methods and receive your money directly into your accounts.


Start collecting with Moonflow now!

With prices starting at USD 149. No contracts, with a credit card, cancel anytime.

At Moonflow, we understand the Goods and Services industry.

We understand that no matter what service or product you offer, it should aim for a lasting relationship with your clients. We want to be your ally and help your business grow.

Improve your collections management

Our team of experts will help you understand the costs and opportunities of your current collections process without any commitment or cost to your company.