Financial Services

Collections management software for financial services companies

At Moonflow, we understand collections management in financial services companies or fintechs as a fundamental part of the business. That's why we bring together in our software the fundamental pillars of successful collections: strategy, metrics, communication flows, and the best technology.

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Companies from around the world trust us.

3. Strategies

Increase collections through strategies and customer segmentation

Deepen your understanding of your customers with effective segmentations. Differentiate by risk level for more agile and precise action, prioritizing the most critical cases. Integrate Moonflow quickly, customize your collection strategies, and start collecting automatically.


Your collections, your money

Provide your clients with a superior payment experience through a customized collections portal. Integrate your payment methods and ensure direct receipt of funds from your collections.

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5. Communications

Boost your cash flow and focus on profitability

Optimize cash flow management with updated collection indicators and metrics. Focus on increasing your profits by improving collection efficiency.


Start collecting with Moonflow now!

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At Moonflow, we understand the fintech and financial sector

We work alongside companies dedicated to consumer banking, credit cards, payment services, investments, and taxes.We know that regardless of the state of the economy, late payments will occur, and some of your clients will not pay on time. That's why we want to help you collect more using Moonflow. 

Improve your collections management

Our team of experts will help you understand the costs and opportunities of your current collections process without any commitment or cost to your company.