Collection management software for educational centers and institutions

Educational institutions are not experts in collection processes, yet they must face this operational challenge. At Moonflow, we understand this, which is why we have developed the best collection software so you can focus on everything else.

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Institutions from all around the world are using Moonflow

3. Strategies

Segment your clients and create collection strategies

Better understand the parents and guardians of your educational center with precise segmentations. Classify them according to their payment capacity for quicker and more accurate actions, focusing on the most delicate situations. Implement Moonflow easily, adapt your school collection strategies, and automate fee collection.


Get rid of the operational burden

Improve the cash flow management of your educational institution with up-to-date collection indicators and metrics. Focus your efforts on increasing school revenue by enhancing the efficiency of fee collection.

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Facilitate collections

Offer parents and guardians an exceptional payment experience through a collections portal tailored to your educational center. Incorporate various payment options and ensure the direct and secure receipt of school fee funds.


Start collecting with Moonflow now!

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At Moonflow, we understand educational institutions and centers.

We know the educational sector and understand the challenges involved in collections. We want you to focus on what's truly important: teaching. That's why we know Moonflow can be your best ally for efficient collection management in your school, private institute, or university.

Improve your collections management

Our team of experts will help you understand the costs and opportunities of your current collections process without any commitment or cost to your company.